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 BELLY BE WELL PROGRAM for Gut, Pelvic, Gynecological & Fertility Health


NATUROPATHIC CARE for Women, Children, Teens & Families


THEMED CONSULTS for- Stressing Less, Integrative Medicine, Pregnancy, Well Kids/Teens

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Individualized Naturopathic Care for Women & Children

Naturopathic medicine is the art and science of preventing or treating health conditions using natural therapies. As certified Kundalini yoga instructor I also incorporate my knowledge of yoga breathing, postures and meditation to optimize my patients results. The focus is always on treating the root causes of illness.

Each personalized treatment plan is tailored to suit a person’s unique needs and goals. My goal is to support the body’s own innate healing mechanisms as much as possible and to engage each patient to tap into their own self-healing abilities through a priority on easy and powerful self-care strategies. The naturopathic therapies  that I emphasize in my practice are:

  • clinical nutrition- because food is the first & safest medicine

  • herbal medicine, homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (especially acupressure)

  • hydrotherapy, naturopathic bodywork

  • mindful stress management

  • lifestyle counselling-incl. reducing environmental links to health


Naturopathic Medicine For Babies, Children, Tweens & Teens

Because of my expertise in women’s health and specifically fertility, I have the pleasure of watching families grow. My strong suit is also in my extensive experience with pediatric health and I offer consultations to support your baby, child or teens belly and overall vitality. Many parents seek my help in resolving their little ones digestive, immunity and skin issues.

Note: Children’s appointments are shorter in duration so they are more manageable for all. 

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As a a mother myself, I know how important it is to ensure we create healthy foundations for our children’s health to flourish which is why I also created:

START RIGHT FOUNDATIONS for Well Babies, Kids and Teens Themed Consult (Take a look below to learn more)

CONVENIENT FAMILY CONSUTLATIONS where I see up to 4 family members in one session for efficiency & affordability 

(see pricing rates below)



 SUPER-FOCUSED 75 min Appointments with a THEME

  A naturopathic experience to test-drive my services and efficiently tackle some of the most popular and specific reasons people seek out my support

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Do you feel overwhelmed by the choices of who may be able to best help you with your health concerns and need some guidance? Do you want a balance between conventional and natural medicine care? Are you keen to design your dream integrative health care team so you can feel terrific?

Having worked in a multi-disciplinary clinic in a conventional hospital setting, a corporate wellness clinic and in private practice and having explored a wide range of complimentary therapies for myself and my family, I completely appreciate how many choices are available and how confusing that can be. I have helped hundreds of patient feel confident is tailoring an action plan for managing their health by referring them to their dream team.

So let’s figure this out:

  • what are your top health concerns

  • what diagnostics and conventional specialists it may be important for you to see

  • what natural therapies would be most complimentary and safest for you

  • how to avoid redundancy in your care

  • how to prevent you from getting over-treated or under-treated

  • whenever possible I will share my professional networks for referral



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This is for the person that is stressed out the max and is starting to feel concerning impacts on their health.

Are you feeling constantly tired and wired? Have a foggy brain? Trying to find sanity in motherhood? Can’t sleep well because you’re anxious? Feeling stuck emotionally? Are you having trouble losing weight?

Stress is inevitable but how we handle it is the determining factor in how it impacts our health and mood initially and how it increases our risk of disease over time. Therefore, I knew it was a key priority to offer mindful stress solutions to protect my patients’s vitality. It is quite possible that you may be suffering from adrenal or thyroid gland dysfunction which is causing hormonal imbalances. Being proactive by having natural stress solutions could start you on a healthier path.And with the personally designed stress relieving toolkit we create for you, you’ll navigate stress in a whole new way and begin to trust that little voice inside you that chooses calm instead of overwhelm.

Get ready to:

  • identify what is causing you the most stress

  • address how to manage this area of stress more effectively

  • improve your sleep hygiene

  • start eating for more energy and stamina

  • try recommended vitamins or herbs to restore hormonal health

  • try recommended vitamins or herbs for strengthening your nervous system

  • learn easy yoga techniques to calm your mind



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Becoming pregnant is one the most exciting, joyous and intense times in your life where you can easily feel overwhelmed and nervous. Many women come to me wanting to ensure they have all the essential information to feel empowered that they are doing everything they can to be naturally healthy during their pregnancy in order to grow a beautiful baby and to prepare well for labour and a successful birth.

It occurred to me that I should offer this focused session to women when a loyal patient of mine came for an appointment to tell me the happy news that she was pregnant and after we reviewed everything I wanted her to know to feel confident, she said "if I didn't have you to guide me I wouldn't have created this empowered pregnancy plan.”

So let’s make you have the essential support you need by:

  • discussing your choices for a health care team- Obstetrician, Midwife, Doula

  • discussing where you feel most comfortable birthing-home or hospital

  • reviewing the key naturopathic nutritional guidelines and vitamin supplements for pregnancy

  • highlighting the key nutrients to include in your diet to support your baby- to-be’s development

  • emphasizing calm mindset and strategies to protect your immunity

  • considering a birth plan


THEME 4: START RIGHT FOUNDATIONS-for Well Babies/Kids &Teens

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This is a themed consultation for babies, children, tweens and teens that are well and whose parents want to ensure that they are doing everything they can so that their children’s health can flourish. Since it is for babies, children, tweens & teens who are generally healthy the focus is to sustain their vitality and prevent illness by ensuring the key foundations for a naturally healthy lifestyle are in place.

This is your chance to:

  • review your child’s diet and nutrition

  • discuss whether their digestion and sleep are optimal

  • discuss which/if any supplements would be worthwhile

  • create seasonal immunity boosting plans

  • design clean and green body care routines

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