*Note: ‘Belly health’ is defined in this blog as encompassing the health within the entire pelvis, abdomen and gut including the reproductive organs, bladder and digestive system.

Have you ever had that experience when you learn something profound that changes the way you see things and you can never un-see or un-learn it again? 

I have.

In fact, I have had several pivotal and repeated teaching moments in my years as a naturopathic doctor that have made it abundantly clear to me that ensuring optimal belly health is an essential strategy to ensuring a person’s ultimate vitality.

Meaning that for a woman-if her gut, pelvis, gynaecological organs or bladder are symptomatic this can actually derail her overall sense of wellbeing by impacting her immunity, mood, mobility, libido, fertility, proper digestive elimination, confidence conceiving, proper post-partum recovery, menopause experience and much more.

Furthermore in some cultures such as the Maya healing traditions from Belize, it is believed in fact that the health of the uterus is central to a woman's vitality. 

“The uterus is the woman’s core, if it is out of balance, her whole life is out of balance-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”

-Don Elijio Panti, Maya Shaman of Belize (Central America) who trained Dr. Rosita Arvigo about the ancient Maya technique of abdominal massage

On a Happy Note

If your abdominal, pelvic and uterine health are excellent, this can have an extremely positive ripple effect on your complete health status leading to excellent immunity, mental clarity, a calm clean gut, easier periods, optimized gynaecological health, supercharged fertility, conceiving with ease, empowered pregnancy, strong post-baby recovery and a smooth menopause.

So now more than ever...

I believe in prioritizing women's belly health and respecting the interconnections between all of the abdominal and pelvic health organs/structures with a holistic approach which has become the focus and passion in my practice as a naturopathic doctor.

My Big 'Aha"

The biggest ‘aha’ moment that I want to share with you which really informed this idea  came very early on in my career. From this point forward I couldn’t un-see that an integrative approach is the most valuable way to effectively address belly, pelvic and gut health concerns.

Here is what happened.

Many moons ago in 2001,  as a new and eager naturopathic doctor I had the very unique and fortunate opportunity of sitting in a conference room at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto as part of the dynamic team of the ‘Women’s Pelvic Health Centre’.

As one of the first naturopathic doctors in Canada to work in a hospital, I was beyond excited to not only break new ground but to have the chance to join an innovative, multidisciplinary team that included a urologist, gynaecologist, gastroenterologist, psychiatrist, sexual therapist, pelvic floor physiotherapist and a nurse.

Shared Radical Belief

We collaborated consciously, based on a shared and radical belief at the time. We agreed that addressing women’s pelvic health with a more integrative approach that respected the interconnection between the elegant and complex systems within the belly would provide a greater chance of providing effective relief and results for women.  

And I am so pleased to say we were right.

Waitlists Say Something

The clinic had a great response with long waiting lists of women requesting to come from all over the province of Ontario. They reported symptoms that affected multiple systems in their bellies and often explained that jumping from specialist to specialist was not getting them any closer to feeling better.

They were relieved to find holistic solutions that keenly recognized that their gut health was intricately linked to their gynaecological health, which was linked to their pelvic health, which was linked to their bladder health, which was linked to their mental state and sense of wellbeing.  Plus they were thrilled to have a team of practitioners who were dedicated to developing a health protocol that was tailored just for them .

A holistic approach also offers the benefit of being a preventive approach because when root causes of symptoms are addressed, there is much less likelihood of recurrence.

Common Example Case

For instance, a woman who is constipated will often note how this negatively impacts her mood, causes headaches, increases PMS, creates difficulties with urination and leads to challenges in feeling intimate with her partner. A cohesive multi-disciplinary approach that individualizes and includes a blend of conventional care or medication, natural medicine, lifestyle medicine, physical therapies (such as pelvic floor physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupuncture, abdominal massage), yoga techniques and psychological support will provide more rapid and robust results in the majority of cases.

Can't Un-See these Interconnections Once You See Them

Starting from this initial and moving experience at Women’s College hospital, I will never forget the relief and gratitude in so many women's faces. I won't be able to un-see the deeply woven links and interconnections within the health of our bellies and why a holistic approach really matters. 

Flash-forward to the present....

I am thrilled to be working at Vital Physiotherapy and Wellness where the skilled and dynamic team of pelvic floor physiotherapists and practitioners  share this same principle- that addressing your pelvic and belly health with a holistic approach can be central to your overall wellbeing.

Now Your Turn

I truly hope that YOU can see and agree that your belly health is central to your vitality and will remember to take action steps to seek holistic support or preventive strategies in order to give your belly plenty of TLC.

Want Help with a Holistic Approach to your Pelvic, Gut or Belly Concerns?

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With Belly Love,

Dr. Christine Matheson, ND




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