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While I am fully aware that "Green Smoothies" are all the rage these days (and I do admit I do enjoy a tasty green smoothie), I tend to be someone who likes to buck the trend and to be an early adopter or experimenter of new things. In the case of eating more greens, I have to be honest,  I sometimes prefer to simply keep my sweet and savoury foods separate. If I am eating my greens, I often choose to have them in abundance and in creative ways with my main meal as opposed to always also being combined with fruits in a smoothie. 

When it comes to my adoration for preparing real food for my family that is both nutritious and delicious this desire to be an experimenter could not be more true. Now not all my experiments actually work out such as the time I altered a gluten-free cookie recipe and the cookies were tasty but crumbled to pieces. But occasionally I fall upon a winning recipe that is full of nutrition and everyone gives it a thumbs up and then gobbles it up. This is true of the savoury green sauce recipe I am going to share with you that is affectionately and quite simply called “green sauce” in my house.

Reminder of why increasing “greens” in your diet is important

First of all research is showing now that increasing the amount of plant foods foods in general is beneficial........

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On a visit to my osteopath many years ago, I was amazed when I found out a very valuable insight about the inter-connection between the jaw and the pelvis.  

It seems initially surprising that when trying to resolve concerns in the pelvis, an osteopath will often treat the jaw (or vice versa) but this is because they know something we should all know.

The jaw and pelvis are physiologically connected and the alignment and relaxation of each deeply affects the other. This fact is definitely up there on my list of top ‘aha’ body awareness tips.

And for the many patients I share this concept with, it has shifted their body awareness forever by urging them to immediately ease up any tightness they’re holding unconsciously at these two major points in their body.

What is also startling is my clinical observation is that 90% (!!) of the female patients I see report having grinding, clenching or TMJ/TMD type concerns (and need to wear a night guard) while simultaneously seeking my support for pelvic health issues. This confirmed to me that the link between the jaw and the pelvis is real and more common than you’d think.

As a naturopathic doctor and Arvigo®Practioner who regularly administers external abdominal and pelvic massage techniques to women to decongest and align the pelvis, I always start each session now by reminding my patients to first release their jaw and remove their tongue from the roof of their mouth to make sure they can get the fullest benefit from the massage. 

Especially since I experience jaw tension too, I wanted to really explore and zoom in on more details about the fascinating connection between the jaw and the pelvis and share more helpful insights with you about what we can do to better understand this concept and how to keep both of these vital areas healthier.

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