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My love for muffins goes waaaaay back.

Throughout my childhood my mom was known for frequently making batches of health-conscious but tasty muffins. I would come home after school and drop my knapsack to excitedly bite into warm guilt-free nourishment.  Even after moving from Toronto to Vancouver to go to the University of British Columbia, I’ll never forget how touched I was when a new friend brought me a basket of freshly baked berry muffins as a welcoming gift.

Muffins have come to be symbolic of comfort to me. There is nothing quite like spreading butter or ghee or seed/nut butter on a fresh hot-out-of-the-oven muffin and pairing it with a steaming cup of herbal tea.

Though muffins are synonymous with comfort food for many, too often store bought muffins or muffin mixes are unfortunately anything but comforting because they are loaded with sugar and highly processed ingredients. A cake mix with a bit of bran in it cannot be called a muffin. However, when made thoughtfully with nutrient-rich quality ingredients, muffins can be an easy make-ahead fibre-filled, nutritious and healthful snack…

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While I am fully aware that "Green Smoothies" are all the rage these days (and I do admit I do enjoy a tasty green smoothie), I tend to be someone who likes to buck the trend and to be an early adopter or experimenter of new things. In the case of eating more greens, I have to be honest,  I sometimes prefer to simply keep my sweet and savoury foods separate. If I am eating my greens, I often choose to have them in abundance and in creative ways with my main meal as opposed to always also being combined with fruits in a smoothie. 

When it comes to my adoration for preparing real food for my family that is both nutritious and delicious this desire to be an experimenter could not be more true. Now not all my experiments actually work out such as the time I altered a gluten-free cookie recipe and the cookies were tasty but crumbled to pieces. But occasionally I fall upon a winning recipe that is full of nutrition and everyone gives it a thumbs up and then gobbles it up. This is true of the savoury green sauce recipe I am going to share with you that is affectionately and quite simply called “green sauce” in my house.

Reminder of why increasing “greens” in your diet is important

First of all research is showing now that increasing the amount of plant foods foods in general is beneficial........

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